Effective as of March 1, 2015

Welcome to Agility First!, an online community for C-level executives of disruptive, fast-growing advanced early- and mid-stage companies and the venture capital firms that fund them. The intent of the community is to create, distribute, curate and host content that focuses on the leaders, companies and execution best practices that matter greatly to growth and profitability.

As in all communities of big, bold thinkers and accomplished executives, we love fresh ideas, engaging dialogue and challenging convention. Since this is a peer-driven community, please feel free to make your voice heard on topics that appeal to you and by which others can benefit or learn.

Guidelines for community participation are straightforward and simple.

  1. Be respectful.
  2. Be thoughtful.
  3. Be engaged.
  4. Make the Agility First! Community better than when you joined it.

What we won’t tolerate is also pretty straightforward:

  1. Illegal activities.
  2. Personal attacks or disparagement.
  3. Material not suitable for work or professional usage.
  4. Racism, sexism and any other discrimination.
  5. Multiple accounts per user (if you mistakenly have more than one account, please update your user preferences).

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